Radio and Television in US and Britain referat

Radio and Television in U.S. and Britain

Radio and television in the U.S. and Britain



  1. Development, organization and control of broadcasting


-         NBC was founded in 1926 and CBS in 1927

-         Both were commercial enterprises

-         BBC was also established in 1926, but of the British government

-         Differnence: US TV and radio is commercial and popular, the British live up to the internationally recognized standards of the BBC

-         Radio and television is licensed by the FCC

  1. Radio broadcasting

-         in the U. S. over 9000 are commercial radio stations

-         the reach of most stations is local

-         to counterbalance profit-oriented commercial broadcasting, the PBS was founded in 1967

  1. Organization of television broadcastin

-         networks: NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, C-Span, ESPN, CBC, TNT

-         buy programs from television production companies

-         PBS, non-commercial, provides cultural, educational and news programs

-         Pay TV is financed by an additional charge to the viewers rather than by advertising

  1. Advertising

-         air time is taken up by commercial breaks

-         are calculated according to how many people watch TV

-         interrupt all programs

-         the average American is exposed to 1000 breaks, the average 18-year-old sat through 350000 adverts

  1. Quality of programs

-         viewing offered is dominated by half-hour shows

-         Two major trends have emergd:

1.      One-theme Channels (Sport, cartoon, history)

2.      “reality TV” (reality soaps)

  1. Television and society

-         Before: reading, visiting family and friends, playing, listening to the radio, going to the movies

-         Now: every home has at least one set and average viewing time is over 7 hours a day




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