The tainted food in the UK - Europe sees Britain as home of tainted food referat

The tainted food in the UK

Europe sees Britain as home of tainted food


Did you know that Europe sees Britain as home of bad food. That’s only because of the BSE – disease that had shocked the whole world. Even in Austria there was a case of BSE, but the sick cow was imported from another country and so Austria had not any more a case of BSE. A little bit later in the UK there was the next disease. The foot and mouth disease.  And so the English food got even worse than it was until this time point. We think that the farmers in the UK were not careful enough with their work by raising up their animals. They did not spend enough money on the health of the animals. And so the main reasons for the diseases were:

·                   The animals had not much place to live and to move in their tight stables

·                   They have not much health and natural food instead of that they got    chemical food and grinded bones from the trash of the butcher (in German it’s called “Knochenmehl”).

·                   Another mistake of the farmers was that they want a high profit in a short time. So they gave their animals antibiotics that they grow up in a short period.

And now we hope you can follow why the most diseases are coming from the UK. In a short sentence: The farmers forgot their long tradition as a good meat producer.

The result of the diseases was a export ban of British meat. So the economy of the UK lost a lot of money. Apart from this, a lot of infected and risked animals had been slaughtered and their dead bodies had been burnt.

At a press- conference the EU claimed that their meat is safety. An Italian journalist asked ‘Can it affect humans? ’. The shocked answer was ‘not really’. But everybody knows that this ‘not really’ was a lie, because the controls were very defective. The fact is that there is a tiny risk of viral infection for older people, children and pregnant women when they have a close contact to infected animals.

The main fear of the other European countries is that the diseases spread to the continent by ships, the wind, on the soles of tourists and the wheels of cars.

This fear is happened and it is hard to imagine how Britain could ever hope that the export markets of meat will be rebuilt. The losers of this challenge of farming are the farmers in the UK which have a good meat quality. Many of them had to change their jobs, because they did not earn money anymore with their animals. The consumers did not trust the products of animal.


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