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„Bello istvanioc”

BUCHAREST – Street.Viilor nr.90 – sector 5

TELEFON:0040- 33.69.10 FAX:0040- 347.38.01

CONT 5041- 4346180 COD FISCAL 4316480 OF.PTTR 28 BUCHAREST

COD 05047153 Sector 557

Miss Sue Blower

Section Leader

Health and Social Care

Coleg Powys

LLanidloes Rd



Dear Miss Blower,

First of all, the children hospitalized in the Pediatric Pneumology Section, from “Marius Nasta - Institute of Pneumology , who suffer from AIDS and tuberculosis, would like to kindly thank you for the beautiful sight that fills their hearts with joy and happiness each and every passing day.

You and your young students painted nice animals that they only had the chance to see in movies and cartoons and which now bring them hope and peace. The children hardly wait for you to come again in order to continue your masterpiece of naïve art on the empty and senseless passage left untouched by the magic of your students’ paintings.

Lastly, we wish you can charm us once again with your kindness and generosity. We would like to mention that during 15th to 30th of May the Section is at your disposal and we would be honored to receive you during this period.

We are looking forward to joining us soon.


Prof. Dr Paul Stoicescus, Dr. Gheorghe Murgci,

Director of the Institute Chief of Section Pediatric

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