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Dear Sir,


I noticed with interest your advertisement in Evenimentul on 3rd of November and I would like to apply for the administrative coordinator position.

I graduaded in June 2003 Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Iasi so I have the skills that qualify me for this position. 26349hrx62cut8g

I am particular interested in finding a position that would offer me the opportunity to implement my financial knowledge and my foreign language skills.

I see my strong points as my ability to take the initiative, solve problems, make decisions and open and maintain friendly relationship with people .I have limitless energy and I am willing to work hard to achieve all the goals of any tasks I am given to solve.

It is my belief that for my skills and knowledge 150 EUR per month salary is quite adequate.

If you consider that my qualification and experience are suitable I should be available for interview at any time. ru349h6262cuut

Please find enclosed my CV containing further details of my educational background experience.



Yours sincerely,


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