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The Gene Deitch Years:
Produced at Rembrandt Films (Nudnik) in Czechoslovakia and distributed by MGM.
13 cartoons produced.

Switchin' Kitten
8:40 minutes 7 Sept. 1961
In an eerie castle, Jerry is a mad scientist's assistant and Tom is his unwilling subject. When Tom is changed into a dog and the dog into a cat, it's only the beginning of role reversal problems for all.

Down and Outing
6:49 minutes 26 Oct 1961
A day of fishing turns out to be more than Tom, Jerry or their master had angled for. Before they've even arrived, a battle takes place in the car for who will complete the trip -- and all that gets left on the road is burnt rubber and the master's nerves. Once on board the boast, Tom tosses Jerry in the water and the mouse retaliates by tying Tom's hook to the master's foot.

It's Greek to Me-ow
6:46 minutes 7 Dec 1961
Toga-clad Tom and Jerry are at it again in ancient Athens. Tom, hot on Jerry's trail, tries to gain entrance to a "no cats allowed" club. Thrown out by a guard, he disguises himself with a statue's head and sneaks back in. but when he ends up in a runaway chariot, it spells the ancient Greek end of Tom.

High Steaks
6:21 minutes 1 Jan 1962
Backyard barbecue fun as Tom and his master, grill steaks near the pool. But when Jerry arrives, it's a free for all as he scorches Tom's tail, engages him in a fencing match with forks, and sends the master into a rage over a bottle of Kooky Kola. 25393itz17pkp8y

Mouse into Space
6:34 minutes 1 Feb. 1962
Jerry enlists in the Astro-Mouse Program to elude Tom but finds the cat aboard his space capsule. Summarily ejected, Tom streaks across the stars, encountering a cosmonaut pooch and a cache of meteorites before falling to earth.

Landing Stripling
6:18 minutes 1 Apr. 1962
Tom, trying to lure a flying bird, makes a landing strip from Christmas lights to signal in his prey. but an airliner swoops down instead, carrying Tom into the sky.

Calypso Cat
7:50 minutes 1 June 1962
Tom falls for a Persian cat whom he and Jerry join for a Caribbean cruise aboard a luxury liner. But Tom's ideas of island romance are ruined when the Persian scornfully leaves him for a calypso cat.

Dicky Moe
7:05 minutes 1 July 1962
In a twist on the classic Moby Dick, Tom is press-ganged aboard the ship of a mad captain obsessed with the whale Dicky Moe. Made to scrub the decks, Tom gets unhelpful assistance from Jerry, who substitutes tar for water. When Dicky Moe is sighted, the captain fires a cannon at him, and the whale takes off, with Tom roped to his side. tk393i5217pkkp

The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit
6:28 minutes 1 Aug 1962
The Tom and Jerry cartoon kit is rather simple -- just the cat and mouse and an assortment of deadly weapons. The forever-battling duo go through a couple of combat examples and, as the narrator tells of further carton possibilities, Jerry puts the lid on the kit, trapping Tom inside.

Tall in the Trap
7:49 minutes 1 Sept 1962
When Jerry steals cheese from the Dy Gulp General Store, the sherriff hires Tom, the fastest trap in the West, but Jerry tricks him into blowing up the sheriff's office. The lawman chases Tom out of town and Jerry takes off with more cheese.

Sorry Safari
7:17 minutes 1 Oct 1962
On safari in darkest Africa, Tom and Jerry join their mast on a "Nertz" rent-an-elephant. The master finds once again that travels with Tom and Jerry can be difficult (when he is charged by a lion, he finds that Tom has replaced his gun with a thermos bottle). At tale's end, the elephant and Jerry are carrying the spoils of the hunt -- Tom, the mast and a rhino --tied to a pole.

Buddies Thicker Than Water
8:58 minutes 1 Nov 1962
Jerry, sleeping in a Tiffany's box in a penthouse, takes freezing, starving Tom into his home. But when the mistress of the house tries to evict the cat, he scares her with Jerry and perfidiously tosses him out into the snow. Papered by the grateful woman, Tom in haunted by "ghost" Jerry and flees outside to freeze again.

Carmen Get It!
7:38 mintues 1 Dec 1962
Jerry runs into the Metropolitan Opera, trying to evade Tom. The cat disguises himself as a violinist, with a tape recorder hidden in his fiddle. But Jerry plays it in reverse and the conductor breaks the offending instrument over Tom's head. When Tom conducts the orchestra, Jerry sends a score of ants scurrying onto his music sheets, and poor Tom has a hard time differentiating the bugs from the notes.

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