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In the ancient Italian town of verona lived two noble families who were deadly enmity with each other.One family was named Montague and the other Capulet.Old Montague had a son,Romeo and Capulet had a daughter called Juliet.

One day Romeo’s cousin suggested they should go masked to a ball given by Capulet to which many lovely ladies had been invited.

At the ball Romeo,who was a handsome youth,saw a very beautiful young lady to whom he spoke and with whom he danced.She was so charming that he immediately fell in love with her and she in turn fell in love with him.But when Romeo found out that she was Juliet,Capulet’s daughter ,he was very sad and so was Juliet,when she knew she had fallen in love with the son of her father’s mortal enemy.

After the ball Romeo left Juliet’s house but he returned,and climbed over the wall into Capulet’s garden to have a last look at Juliet’s window when,to his great joy she herself appeared on the balcony.

Juliet began to speak to herself in a loud voice and so Romeo learned that she loved him,too.This gave him courage and he spoke to her and asked her to marry him.She consented and in the early morning Romeo went to a priest and after telling him how much he and Juliet loved each other he asked the priest to marry them secretty.

The priest agreed but on the same day that Romeo and Juliet were married Juliet’s cousin,Jybalt,meeting Romeo in the streets of Verona,challenged him.Romeo refused to fight but his friend Mercutio decided to fight the quarrelsome and violent Tybalt and was killed by the latter.

Romeo could not remain indifferent to his friend’s death and in turn he killed Tybald.The duke  of Verona was very angry when he heard what happened and banished Romeo from the city.After a brief meeting with Juliet,Romeo left Verona at dawn.

In Romeo’s absence Juliet’s parents decided to marry her to a young nobleman named Paris.As a desperate plan of the priest gave Juliet to drink a drug and which made her fall into a trance with all the appearance of death.

Then the priest send a messenger to Romeo to tell him about their plan.Romeo was to come to the tomb by night and take Juliet away with him.But unfortunately the messenger could not find Rome because Romeo had heard about Juliet’s death and had hurried to Verona taking some poison with him as he had decided to kill himself in Juliet’s tomb.

When the priest heard that his messenger did not meet Romeo he hurried to the tomb in the middle of the night,he was too late.

Romeo had killed himself in Juliet’s tomb.When Juliet awoke and saw her Romeo deat she stabbed herself with his dagger.So the priest found them both death.

When Romeo and Juliet’s parents heard the dreadful news they were very sad and strcken with remorse and decided to end the feud between them.Unfortunately this happened only after the death of their children.

Today at Verona ther is a tomb which everybody says is Romeo and Juliet’s tomb.

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