…What do we really know about this person, about his thoughts, his behaviour…very little. This man became a symbol, a point of reference for the Islamic world, not only for the extremists one… For the Hamas Palestinian group or Pakistan Harakat Unsar or many others, he is the right person to unify the Islamic world in a holy war against the USA and the whole Occident, the man that can lead a revolution capable to change the things radically on our planet. The name of the terrorist sheikh is on children’s lips from Jericho to Kabul and posters with his face are placed in Iraqian houses…

The father of Osama bin Laden was Mohammed Awad and he came in Saudi Arabia in 1930,leaving the city Hadramaut from South Yemen. A self-made man, who was at first stevedore and later, became the owner of the most important building company in the country. Soon, Mohammed Awad becomes the Minister. The number of his wives is unknown. He is said to have 57 children. Osama is the 17th child of Mohammed with his 10th wife, an Arabian woman. Mohammed had a great influence over his son Osama, in spite of the short period spent together. Mohammed dies when Osama is almost 13 years old…

At 16,Osama is getting married for the first time, with a Syrian girl who was a relative of his. He studied at Jeddah. At 22 years old he has a degree in Law.

In 1979,the Soviet troops invade Afghanistan. Osama is at that time in Karachi, Pakistan. His host, Jammat Islami takes him, to the refugee camps. Here, he realizes the purpose of his life: defeat the enemy…Osama can count on 300 million $ from his father and he is trying to get his brothers on his side too.

But the capital is increasing suddenly due to the donations from the Muslims who were on his side and wanted to support the holy war in a way or another. So, Bin Laden has prepared in a couple of years an army capable to carry a national war and not only.

At first, Osama didn’t have his own centres of instruction and not even command structures. But soon Abdallah Azzam with Bin Laden, who, besides managing funds for the resistance, builds hospitals and tunnels, founded MAK (Maktab al-Kidmat-lil-Mudjahedin al-Arab) unit. This MAK was created against the communist invasion. Bin Laden wanted a quality salt and numbered all and reformed all the system…so a chaotic group of mercenary became a compact group, taking the name Al-Qaeda…Bin Laden got guns from the Americans, who financed secretly the holy war against the Soviet communism.

But in 1989,the Soviet troops retreated from Afghanistan, because the USA and URSS agreed to find a solution. In 1992, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Bin Laden sent a message to the royal family in which he said he was ready to help against the Iraqis. But Kuwait accepted the American help and the whole Kuwait became a big American military camp. Bin Laden ran to Afghanistan. He decided that the USA and the Western countries betrayed them and these were the real enemies…the holy war was not finished, it only began…

…Bin Laden repeated several times: ”The United States Government is unfair and criminal. Our religion is in danger: it has to be protected attacking.” These words contain the signification of the revolution Bin Laden did; the holy war passed the traditional borders of the Islam to attack the enemy on his own territory, where he felt in perfect safe.

Here are all the terrorist attacks for which Bin Laden was blamed:

December 29th 1992 – a bomb explodes in a hotel from Aden, Yemen.12 US soldiers die while kept there.

February 26th 1993 – a car explodes in the World Trade Centre underground carpark. A crater of 65 meters in diameter is formed and 6 people die.

October 03 1993 – 18 US soldiers are killed in an attack at Mogadiscio.

June 26th 1995 – At Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, the assassination attempt against the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak…fails…

November 13th 1995 – at 11:30 a.m. a car explodes at Riyad and kills 5 Americans and 2 Indians.

June 25th 1996 – close to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, a death trap explodes and kills 19 soldiers and over 300 are wounded.

November 17th 1997 – near the Nil, at Luxor 50 foreign tourist are massacred. The terrorists die too…

August 7th 1998 – two explosions at ten minutes distance destroy the US embassies from Kenya and Tanzania. The bomb from Nairobi kills 247 persons and wounds over 4500.The bomb from Dar es Salaam makes 11 victims no Americans being killed. Over 100 persons are wounded.

October 12th 2000 – a pneumatic boat with over 200 kg of explosives, driven by two kamikaze, produced a big hole in the American destroyer USS Cole, docked in Aden port, Yemen, 17 Americans died 39 are wounded.

September 11th 2001 – World Trade Centre is attacked

Now I would like to present Osama bin Laden as he is according to the latest information:

…He is tall, between 1,94 and 1,98. It is said that he talks very little and he is always serious. Sometimes he smiles, but never laughs. He has a hobby: computers and electronic devices. He doesn’t wear a watch because he is afraid of not being detected. It is said that his headquarters and his home are in “the bats’ cave” somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan. It is said that he changes his location three times per week and his bodyguards have the most sophisticated weapons possible. At Kandahar he has a huge refuge dug in rock, surrounded by grenades, concrete blocks and a field full of mines.       

Over the years, Bin Laden had different names: The Sheik, Haji, Abdu Abdullah and The Director. He has a library with all the holy books of the Islam. He is married with 3 women and has 13 children. They are living with him. Some say that he is very sick and doesn’t have much time to live. One thing is certain: his heart is abnormally big and has problems with the blood circulation…He writes poetry…and knows all of them by hear.

This is the most “wanted” man on the planet, whose plans shocked the world and gave new dimensions to the term “terrorist”…

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