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Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) was a famous Irish author of satires.

He was one of the first authors who used black humour and irony to draw the people’s attention to problems like poverty and misery in Ireland in the 17th and 18th century.

in Dublin

his father died before Jonathan Swift was born

Jonathan Swift studied theology at Trinity College in Dublin

1696 he went to England (to Farnham) and became secretary of Sir William Temple - a famous politician and author- who was a relative of Swift’s mother

1694 he went back home to Ireland and became priest in the Anglican Church

1696 he went to England again

around 1710 he published the `Examiners`- a magazin of the Irish party `the Tories`

1713 Jonathan Swift was one of the founders of the


since 1728 he suffered from loneliness and mental illness

died 19. 10. 1745 in Dublin

Jonathan Swift’s works:

1697 The Battle of the Books (a book about the differences between modern and ancient literature)

1704 A Tale of a Tub (his funniest and most witty satire, about anger between the confessions)

1704 A Full and True Account on the Battle Fought last Friday, Between the Antient and the Modern Books in St.James’s Library

1710-1715 Jounal to Stella (published in 1784)

1726 Gulliver’s Travels (his most famous story)

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