Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

We want to tell you about a film which is called Jurassic Park. It is a action film. The movie base on the novel by Michael Crichton. Steven Spielberg directed and produced Jurassic Park. Spielberg is one of the well-known and succesfuls directors. Besides he produced and directed films like E.T., Jaws, Schindlers List and the second part of Jurassic Park (Lost World).

The main actors in the film are Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm, Laura Dern. as Dr. Elli Settler and Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grandt. It cames out in the year 1993. A long time Jurassic Park was one of the succesfuls movies. It won three oscars.

The film is about dinosaurs. So it was very costly to shoot a movie with animals in the leading role which become extinct 65 million years ago. The movie shows very costly animations.

The story beginns when John Hammond who is the owner of the Jurassic Park wants Dr. Alan Grandt to investigate this resort, along with paleontologist Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm and investment banker Donald Gennaro. At a island near Costa Rica John Hommand built a type of theme park where he want to present the breeded dinosaurs. Hammonds grandson Tim and his granddaughter Lex as well as the other guests made a tour through the Park to control the security issues and to watch the dinosaurs. They saw a lot of them like the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the triceratops. Dr. Malcolm fears that the project get out of control because they don't respect the nature. Settler and Grandt warn for a intervention  in the nature, too.

During the tour by the electrical cruisers all systems fail down and the cars stopped. The computer scientist Dennis Nerdy who is responsible for the resort's security system, want to steal dinosaurs embryos and sell them to get a lot of money. So he had to switch off all systems and security fences in the park. After Nerdy had stolen the embryos he want to flee but he died because he was catched by some raptors which escaped from their cage.

During Dennis Nerdy was catched, the children and the others had to run away from the T-Rex that follow them. But the T-Rex is to fast and catched the investment banker. After the Tyrannosaurus pushed the car where Tim stayed in concealment down the slope. While the man rescued the boy, Dr. Settler who has leave the group because she wanted to help a hurt dinosaurs, wait with Hammond at the visitor building. It takes a long time to reset the security system because

Nerdy made sure that no trace of his actions was to be found. Also Dr. Settler want to go to the power station near the visitor building to reset the system faster. Almost she was followed by some raptors but she can escape. After that she searched the others. Together they went to the visitor building to call a helicopter.

There they were encircled by some raptors but suddenly a T-Rex appear and fight against the raptors. So the group of Ian Malcolm, Dr. Settler, Dr. Grandt, John Hammond and the two children could flee to the landing place where the helicopter waits. At the end of the day not only Dennis Nerdy has paid for the park with his live. Along with him the investment banker and many employee of the park.

Steven Spielberg created a gigantic cinema spectacle which excitingly maintains with much humour, rapid action and a few moments of sentimentalities.  For this time the model and animation technology developed extremely replace the weaknesses of the character-action, and offer a very good atmosphere.

The high technical expenditure and the unusually good co-ordination of the trick effects make Steven Spielberg's Jurassic park as an historical event. Up to this film dinosaurs had not been represented ever so realistically on the cinema-canvas.

Altogether the film is excitingly produced.  The only weak point is the thin character-action of the film, which however don't really falls in the weight, because the outstanding features are anyway the dinosaurs.