Kids in India referat

Kids in India

Kids in India

  • in India live too many kids
  • so most of them are very poor, many are working or begging
  • many kid are ill but the doctor is too expensive
  • in Bombay, one of the greatest Indian cities, many children are living on the streets
  • all in all about 3 million kids are living on the streets
  • their parents couldn't feed them anymore or sold them
  • many families live in slums under terrible conditions
  • the woman provides for the kids, the man is working
  • family is very important for the Indians
  • the husbands and wives are often chosen by the parents
  • girls are less worth than boys
  • baby-girls are often killed after their birth
  • they are sold as dancers in bars but in fact they became prostitutes
  • most children go to school just a few weeks or not at all
  • the materials for school are very expensive
  • and many parents think that their children don't need to go to school
  • in India, many children are working
  • that's also a reason why so much can't read, write and calculate
  • most of them work in agriculture and mining industry
  • they also work as slaves, prostitutes
  • or were sold to richer people where girls often are abused
  • the law forbids child labour since 1938 but the people are too poor
  • they need the money of all workers in family
  • most working kids have no time for school
  • they work under dangerous and terrible conditions
  • often, they have to work 12 or 14 hours a day for getting less money
  • aids is a great problem in India
  • the most important reason for that is prostitution
  • kids take drugs to replace their own problems
  • they aren't enough resistant to aids anymore
  • many relief organisations try to help the kids
  • they teach them in some courses for example for dressmakers or joiners

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