Elle Woods is blonde, her favourite colour is pink and she has a little chiwawa-dog whose name is “Brutus”.

Tonight's the night: Warner, her boyfriend, is going to propose, isn’t he? No! He thinks that they should break up. Elle's world crashes down at that moment. Warner, the love of her life, is ending their relationship, and he's doing it because she's too blonde! With her broken heart she returns home and stays there for a week, depressed and angry. When Elle looks through a few magazines, she spots a picture of Warner's older brother, with the information that he's engaged to a Vanderbilt. Elle realizes that there could be a way to get Warner back. 'This is what I need to become to be taken serious! A law student!' So she decides to follow Warner to Harvard Law School.

And Elle passes the entrance exam!

At Harvard, Warner is very surprised to see his non-serious ex-girlfriend. At Elle's first class she’s kicked out of the classroom because she can’t answer a question. After this she thinks her day gets better when she meets a mysterious stranger, Emmet, who gives her advice how to handle the teachers. But then her world comes crashing down again - Warner is engaged to Vivian, an old girlfriend. Very angry Elle drives off and finds a beauty parlor! Paulette, her manicurist offers to help Elle by being the only friend in Harvard. After she decides to get Warner back, Elle returns to school and has her first class with Professor Callahan.

Some time later Elle was told that Callahan is taking first year students because he has too much work in his practice. Only four people get the practical training and those people are - Warner, Vivian, Enid and ELLE! They are going to help the lawyers from Callahan’s practice with a murderer case.

It turns out, that Emmett works for Callahan and is a lawyer himself. They were told that the case is about Brooke Windham, accused of murdering her 60-year-old husband Heyworth Windham. Elle knows Brooke because they were at the same student-community.

Some time later, Elle decides to visit Brooke in prison. She tells her that they really need her alibi, but Brooke doesn't want anyone to know, because it would destroy her reputation. Brooke was getting a liposuction. Elle promises not to tell anyone the alibi and that they will find another way to prove that she's innocent. Later Elle gets into trouble because she doesn't tell anybody the alibi.

The next day they go to court and some people are testifying that Brooke is guilty. Enrique, the pool boy, tells the court that he and Brooke were having an affair, but Brooke denies it. Elle finds out that he is gay because he realized designer shoes. Professor Callahan doesn't like her theory, but Emmett does, and when it is his turn to question Enrique, Emmet finds out that he is lying.

The next day Chutney, the daughter of the victim, is going to tastify. She say that she saw Brooke, bending over her father’s dead body covered in his blood. But Elle proves that Chutney is lying. Chutney confesses that she was the murderer of her father. But she didn’t want to murder him: She thought that is was Brooke who came through the door! Chutney confesses all and after the trial Warner tells Elle that he loves her. But she only laughs and walks on.

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