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Loch Ness- The lake monster

If I ask you about a lake monster which lives in Scotland, on which monster would you think at first?

Of course Loch Ness, who is one of the famous unknown species in the world.

The legend says that the lake monster lives in the Loch Ness, a big lake in Scotland. His neck is 10 to 15 long and he got a snake like head (schlangenartigen Kopf).

But there are no real proofs about Nessi´s existence. Some scientists believe that Nessi is a plesiosaur from the ice age. The first time where Nessi was seen, was in 565 A.C. by a monk (Mönch). He describes (beschreiben) Nessi as a “strange fish”. The next view was at 14 april 1933. A couple (Ehepaar) watched a big animal in the water. An other couple saw Nessi, a creature with a long neck(Hals) and flippers (Flossen) crossing the road.

The first picture of Nessi comes from Hugh Gray. He says that he photograph a long tail (Schwanz). Unfortunately (Leider)there are many forgeries (Fälschung) which where photograph in the last years. A famous forgery was the “Surgeons photo”. But the photographer said the truth just before his death.

1960 Nessi should even (sogar) been filmed. This film from 1960 is still seen for real. Skeptics say that the object on the video is only a motorboat. There are also many monster hunter, hunting Nessi. Maybe they only want the 500.000 pounds which you can win if you get Nessi. But catching Nessi would be illegal, because Nessi is since 1934 under conservation (Naturschutz. Loch Ness became a tourist attraction. Thousands of tourists fly to the Loch Ness and watch the lake with cameras. The waiting can last hours sometimes until in the night to see something moving on the surface (wasseroberfläche).

1970 the first scientific researches began. But is not easy to search all over such a big lake:

Loch Ness is 37km long,1,5km wide and 325m deep. Because of this it is difficult (schwierig)to find Nessi or even to get a photo from the monster! There are also underwater caves on the ground of the lake where Nessi could hide himself.

Besides the water of Loch Ness is cloudy. Researcher (Forscher) from the whole world came to see the monster. With modern techniques for example echolot, sonar and cameras they tried to find Nessi.

In 1972 Dr. Robert Rines reached to photograph Nessi in two interesting pictures with a quick- motion camera and a “Röhrenblitz”. You could recognize a flipper kind of animal.

But the water is so cloudy (trüb) and it could also be something else (etwas anderes). Because of that this photo is no valid (stichhaltig) proof for the existence of Nessi.

Only with sonar you can watch things in very cloudy water. Because the sonar sends impulses and then measures (messen) the time until their return.

In 1975 Prof. Rines could take a very interesting photo from the head of the monster. But there are doubts (zweifeln) on the photos of Rines.

But two years later a underwater camera could film the  body of a 1.80 an 2.40 big form.

1987 They tried (versuchen) to find Nessi with 22 ships searching all over the lake. But the operation was not succesful (erfolgreich) because the boats could only examine 80 percent of the lake.

Only some time ago the lake was again examined by scientists. They found out that something big has to live in the lake.

There are also enough fishes which Nessi can eat.

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