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My text is about the capital of England. London is one of the famoust cities in the world. More than two million people visit London every year. You can see there so many wonderful sights.
Big Ben is the monument of London. The bell weighs thirteen a half tons, it's the largest bell all over the world. Big Ben hangs in a tower which is 97 meters high. The tower has got 334 steps.
In 1928 fourteen people died when the flood came, than the Londoners built the Thamse Barrier.
The Thamse Flood Barrier has cost 500.000.000 pounds. The ten Thamse Barrier save before floods, they are 520 meters long. They was built from 1975 till 1982.
London has seventeen Bridges. London Bridge and Tower Bridge are the famoust . London Bridge is the oldest Bridge in London. It was built by the Romans. Tower Bridge is the most famoust Bridge in Europe . It was built in 1894.
Madame Tussauds is the famous waxworks started by Madame Tussauds in 1835 which is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in London with over two million visitors a year. There are wax models of the famous and infamous from every walk to life.
The Trafalgar Square is the most popular square in London. Every year many doves and people came to it. The square was built in 1830. The Nelson's Colums on the square are 56 meters high, they were built for the Heros from the war. They are a monument of London, but in the summer the fountain is more popuilar.
After you're sightseeing you probably hungry. Than you can go to the 'Rules'. It's the oldest and best Restaurant in London, built in 1798. But it's very expencive. Popular by Aristocrats and Artists.
In the evening you can go in a Musical. In London you can see the best Musicals in Europe. But it's difficult to buy cards especially at the weekends.

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