I woke up on a sunny morning with something on my mind. I really wanted to try something, to do something new, that I never done before. It was very strange. When I went out I heard some kids talking about a book or an exposition of one, I don’t know.

So I had this idea about going to an exposition. It seemed very interesting and I said to myself” It’ll be nice to go instead of staying home and do nothing”. I called my friend and I asked him what we will do today. I proposed to go to the book exhibition in Deva. We didn’t wait a minute. So we went to Deva. A cab took us there where we paid a lot of money, but it was very comfortable and relaxing. The problem was that we were al most broke. We hardly found the street after we asked a lot of people. So we went in and we remained amazed to see all that books. My friend said “Man, there are a lot of books here! I was amazing to see all the books in front of you. We chosen to go to the S.F. book isle where they were presenting a new book named “No pollution cars”. It is about the next generation cars that weren’t powered with gas but with water (H O).I read some titles and I remained amazed by the things written in there. I felt that this was the change I wanted, something new and interesting to read. The book was very colored and it contained a lot of images and pictures about those amazing cars, and details were everywhere. The problem was that I was almost broke. I went to talk to my friend about the book and of course about the situation. The answer was identical. We wanted to buy this book so we explained to the salesman the situation and he agreed to sell one to us at a half a price, like a promotion or something, I don’t know why. So we bought the book but we couldn’t return home because we had no money. So we take a fair back home, very lucky.

We returned to our homes and decided to share the book. I read it in two days and really liked it. After this I gave it to my friend and this is the end of our story.

It was a great experience and I wish that I would have more experiences like this one.

Redactat de : Nistor Andrei Cls IX E

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