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How you can see, where an egg is from

On average, the Germans eat 18 billion eggs a year. More than 80 per cent are from hens from chicken-batteries. Animal protectors have demanded a long time for finish this cruelty to animals, to forbid the chicken-batteries and to mark the eggs, so that you can see where they come from. Since the beginning of the year 2004, eggs must be marked. Every egg must have a code. The code looks like this: On the first place there’s a number-1, 2 or 3. '3' stands for caged chickens, for an egg from a chicken-battery. The '2' means that the hen lives with thousand other hens in a stable, but they aren’t allowed to go out. If chickens can go outside into nature, there’s an '1' on the egg. When you have a '0'on your egg, you have a really good egg, because the hen got only environment-friendly produced feed. After the first number there are two letters for the country from which the egg comes. For example 'DE' for Germany or 'BE' for Belgium. After these letters, there’s a code for the farm where the egg comes from and the last letter indicates the stable in which the hen live.

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