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Europe's quiet Revolution

Europe’s quiet Revolution Mountains have suffered from ill-conceived development, and mistakes on mountains have cost valleys dear. In the future the European environmental law, could hopefully provide new hope for Europe’s mountains, and new opportunities for its businesses. So, at present, a lot of companies and organizations are working together to protect the mountains and the environment. One of them is the ESDP (European Spatial Development Perspective) – Organization (Commission). This organization mainly focuses on controlling the land-use planning. This commission is also calling for a new directive on “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Plans and Programmes.” The ESDP also aims at the establishment of a European network of open spaces for the preservation of natural resources, which are classified according to their different functions like species habitats, water reserves, climatic compensation, and so on. So ESDP tries to open up bioregions, rather than nation-states, and this could help the overstressed alpine regions to regenerate. Other commissions, that support the environment to regenerate, try to develop environment friendly technologies, especially in the electricity and the motor vehicles industry. So they try to avoid carbon emissions, and furthermore try to set the use of pesticides and other chemicals, which are used for farming practices, to a minimum. On reaching the finishing line they create so called “ecobusinesses”.

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