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On a stormy winterday, 1958, the mysterious woman Vianne Rocher moved with her daughter Anouk into a little tranquil town in the south of France. Viannes Mother, Chitza, came from India. She belonged to an old Maya tribe, which moved, together with the northwind from place to place. Chitza was taught, how to make traditionel cocoa with hundred year old recipes. She came to Europe, because she had fallen in love with a british explorer and short after she had come to england Vianne was born. Everything seemed to be alright at this time, but the tricky northwind had other plans One night, when the northwind was blowing, Chitza felt the impulse to go with the wind, to see new towns, to meet new people. So she took her bags and went away with her little daughter to sell chocolat and cocoa from old, traditionel recipes In the little village where Vianne arrived time seemed to be stopped still for centuries. Everyone did what he should be doing. The women were cooking and the men were earning money. But Vianne didn't think much about "what a woman should do". Early after she had moved to the town she rented an old, vacanty shop and a little time later she opened up a chocolaterie with wonderfull hot chocolate and plenty of her own candy creations. But Vianne and Anouk weren't very welcome in the Town, Vianne was too different: She was an unmarried woman with a doughter, she was independent, she didn't go to church and she wore red shoes. That was enough for the people to be distrustful. Besides the people, also the Myor, the Comte de Renaud judged the newcomer badly. Apart from the Mayor, also the point that she had opened the Chocolaterie at Lent made it for her harder to get customers. Slowly but surely, many people got too curious about the new women and her mysterious shop, so they went inside it and with the enticing chocolat,with her charm and her ability to guess peoples favorite chocolat Vianne made new friends. After a little time they didn't only go because of her chocolate, Vianne also helped them to find the way, out of their problems. One of her best friends was Josephine Muskat. She lived in Viannes house, because her husband beat her and she taught her the old recipes of chocolate. But also for other people she was a big help, she tried to teach the people to develop their own opinions, that they didn't allways believe everything the Mayor or the Priest said. But the Mayor, who wanted to keep his calmness in Town tried everything to expel Vianne from his litlle village. He agitated the people against Vianne, he reminded them all the immoral things Vianne does and did. He appealed to their belief in the religion. The people in the town were deterred from what the Comte de Renaud reminded them and so they keept away from the shop. Vianne was very frustrated and as she felt the cold Northwind, she kneew, that she had to go now. But Josephine, who still lived with her, tried to hold her back. But Vianne had already decided to move away. While she was packing her bags Josephine went to all the people in the town who knew and liked Vianne. She pleaded them to come to Viannes House to stop her plan. When Vianne came down the stairs with her bags, she saw all the people she knew in her kitchen making chocolate with the recipes she ones taught Josephine. As she saw them, all working, just because they wanted her to stay, she decided, against the northwind, to stay.In this night the Mayor also took a decision, he had seen all the women and men walking to Viannes House. He thought now people were completly on Viannes side so he wantet to destroy Vianne and her shop completely. So he went to Viannes Chocolaterie. When he was inside th Shop he took out his Knife and he cut everything he saw in two pieces. In this way he got a tiny bit of chocolat on his lips and he did, what he always preached not to do: He ate chocolate. And not only this little bit, he liked chocolate so much, that he ate more and more. After he was completely full he fell asleep directly with chocolat around his mouth. In the morning, the first thing he saw, was Vianne, giving him a glas of Aspirin. Afterwards he felt so uncortable that he forgot his hate for Vianne. After this day, he had complitely forgetten, that he once thought chocolat was a sin. The End

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