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Already on afternoon 31 October takes off children in all kinds of scary linings to make in order to request from their right, in the neighbourhood sweets, to use. Since also quite already older children take part in the a collecting, the demand for donation and acceptance can drag on at the entry door over a some number of hours on the day, into the late evening.

In each case trick is to be attributed or treat to the bases of the folkwre Irish Samhain - likewise celebrated on 31 October and equipped with a 5,000 years old tradition –

On this day (together with a set of other traditional actions) all kinds of sweets was supplied for the dead ones, to which on this day output is granted, in order to return to their earlier places of residence than living persons. These (actually high-estimated, because majority ancestor, but nevertheless feared) natures should be held to cause any damage why one tried to make it bent by gifts - above all culinary nature -.

Poor and hungry people fellow citizens took advantage of that. They disguised themselves scary, to look like someone who needs something. That remained naturally not hidden, therefore good-natured having made additional available (dumb more supper) for the nothing-having (and probably not it will have attached particular importance to check accurately who now which to mind had led itself).

That can be transferred now to 1:1 to (actually high-estimated, but nevertheless feared) the Youngsters: Those received also output, in order to be able to be held against the receipt from sweets(e.g. the traditional Candy Corns) to employ tricks. And you do that with the demand ' trick or treat '

So the trick Or Treat happening is limited to the USA Reciprocally. The capers, those for the case, to be rejected or with a cookie be abgespeist, to be threatened, had for some years at hardness, over-remained by Easter, to it-won. It was enough to throw eggs against the houses of people who didn´t give you anything, but now there is more destroing announced.

But also the young people are  endangered: On Halloween almost everyone is disguised and masked and there is no attention and iit is more and more excite, the number of crimes rises against to Halloween in masses running around children and young people year by year. (and itself) a save and happy Halloween to require each other, became the usual idiom anyway.

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