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Decolonisation of the third world nations between the 1960’s and 1970’s led to the immigration of many people to Europe because of the new power relations in their home countries.

These new power relations caused ethnic, economic or political disadvantages like poverty, unemployment, religious discrimination, less education and so on. That’s why they went to richer countries where they hoped to find a better standard of living.

In May 2004 there will be the EU-expansion and expert are afraid of a new stream of immigrants because immigrants can cause a lot of disadvantages for example a  decrease in the number of jobs and a lowering of the level of education because of the influx of low-skilled workers. So these people will continue forming the lowest social class.

In addition to that immigrants are a cost factor. They do not only take social benefits more frequently, but also they have illegal jobs and pay for this reason no taxes. Consequently the population in general is discontented. They see immigrants as rivals because of the competition for their jobs and as some people say they are a threat to national safety.

As a result of intermarriage there’s genetic mixture of all ethnic groups. But many Natives also are opposed to intermarriage, because they think that it endangers racial purity. That’s why there’s segregation, too.

But if the expansion of the EU really leads to a new stream of immigration there will also be another problem. Such an immigration is a threat to the east European countries; they might lost their youth, their students and their university graduates, so their financial situation will get worse.

You should also consider the advantages for the country and the immigrants. Many people immigrate because of war in their home country, poverty, unemployment or because they are persecuted. In the more highly developed country they want to have better paid jobs, higher living standards and more safety or they want to practise their religions without restrictions.

Above all the economic advantage is very important. Immigrants often let the economy boom in their new country.

All in all I can say that immigration plays an important role in present day European society. Apart from the negative aspects of immigration it is very important to have better life without repression. I’m a Turkish girl and I’m happy to live in Germany as a second generation immigrated and to have the chance of getting a good education. Perhaps If I had lived in Turkey, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now.

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