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It is a matter of fact that the United States of America is a nation of immigrants and that it is definitely shaped by them. The reasons for immigration are dreams of people.
I like to mention three main groups of immigrants. Firstly, there are those immigrants who came for religious reasons. These people emigrated to the New World in hope of finding a country where they could practice their faith without restrictions of the government. They hope of a religious freedom. The second group I like to mention is the one of the political refugees. This people have problems with their government. Many of them suffer from harsh political persecution and hope of a political freedom. Last but not least, we should not forget the economic refugees. It is obvious that they left their country for economic reasons. Poverty and unemployment force people to leave their own country and emigrate to the USA. They hope of jobs and to find a better life and financial conditions. They want safety, equality, development of their potentials. But the reason for immigration is not only the escape. It can be also a positive picture of another country. The dream that all immigrants had in common was the dream of a new society. It is a matter of fact that the American nation is a nation of contrasts, a nation of discrepancy. There is still social and racial inequality. The increase of immigrant make Americans thoughtful. Questions like if immigration means more economic growth or social friction. They are worried about the territory. They don’t know if America absorb so many people with different languages, different cultures, different backgrounds.

Hispanics are Spanish- speaking people from central and south America and the Caribbean. One group of Puerto Ricans on the island (born and staying there) want to become part of the USA because they want to escape poverty. Another group in N.Y. with jobs and a secure living want independence for P. Rico because they want to keep their paradise.

The fear of losing culture: At first immigrants only think of the necessities of life (not of culture); the children of immigrants have, grown up with the American culture and see their parents homeland as a paradise; on the one Hand America assimilates Hispanic culture (pop songs, food, movies) on the other it tries to keep the immigrants out; Hispanic Americans want both, assimilation and preservation of their own culture; the most important thing in the Hispanic culture, next to the language, is their ethnic mixture; Hispanic culture, sense of community, North American culture, individualism; Hispanic and Anglo culture will change each other and create something new.

Melting Pot: metapher meaning a place (country) where people of different ethnic backgrounds leave their old identities behind and develop a new one (Americanisation).

Salad bowl: metapher meaning a country where people of different ethnic backgrounds keep their own culture and beside each other.

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