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India is a prime example of a Third-World country.
There are many extremely poor people who must live under terrible conditions. A lot of people starve to death or are at least so poor that they can hardly afford enough food to survive. There is not enough clean drinking water too.The climate is very hot, especially in the south and every year floods but also droughts kill thousands of Indians.
Millions of Indians are illiterates. There exist more than two-hundred different languages or regional dialects but the official language is still English.
In India, like in many developing countries, women are treated badly. They are considered as not important and are worth less than sheep.
People in India still go in for very old and cruel rites and customs:
- Baby-girls are often killed right after birth.
- Young girls are sold as "temple dancers" but in fact they become prostitutes.
- There is a tradition in very poor Indian Muslim families to sell daughters at bride-bazaars. Sometimes the price for such a very young girl is about the same as what you have to pay for a TV-set or a bike. Arab men from the Middle East come to Hyderabad, a city in the south of India in order to buy a child bride which is used for a cheap worker afterwards. Those girls often are treated like slaves and beaten regularly.
- There are also terrible customs in Indian Hindu families. Officially forbidden and called household accidents, young women are burnt to death. These "accidents" are nothing but cases of dowry-deaths. When the dowry might seem too low for the groom's parents such an accident easily can happen. The widower can marry soon again getting the next dowry.
Marriage between Children
In India there is the tradition of child marriages. It is terrible because the children are very young. One of the reasons is money because most Indian families are so poor, they try to keep the dowry low by marrying their daughters very young. The children stay with their parents until the girls are fourteen. The weddings are short and simple because they are not allowed by the state. Usually the young wives become mothers very early and then have too many children. But there is another problem. When the husband dies young the widow is "worthless" and cannot marry anybody else although she is still so young. Social workers try to change these traditional habits but it is very difficult to overcome old customs and it will take time until women in India will have more rights. It's said, that if there is no change there will be too less women in India in the future.

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