Ambition - In order to live life fully you need an ambition referat

In order to live life fully you need an ambition

Ambition is defined as a strong desire to obtain success, power, or riches or as something that you want very much to do or to obtain. Having an ambition represents everything to many people. The only purpose in a man's life is fulfilling his dream, because am ambition can be associated with a dream. And if this dream doesn't exist you can't say that you have lived your life to the full.

In the moments of solitary meditation when we are alone with ourselves and we can no longer lie or delude ourselves, we ask the fundamental question: why do I have to die, why is it that my life must end, why is my existence finite, limited in time? Ambition is the catalyst that turns everyday living into gold. In my opinion the question mentioned above is asked in situations when a person has an ambition and wants to fulfil it and is afraid the he doesn't have enough time to fulfil it. For the majority the simple fact of having a happy life or something to be sure constitutes an ambition. For others life in its real sense is an ambition. The simple act of creation means an ambition to many people. The creative act is born from an irresistible impulse towards the absolute, that is the wish of the individual to lift his subjectivity to the maximum perfection allowed by his spiritual resources and then to transpose this degree of spiritual elevation into a concrete world. On the other hand, the creative act is born from the hope that people will recognise the value of his work and therefore remember his name forever. You should consider the first aspiration of the individual. We can assert that that it is dissolved in a paradox. Of course, the process of creation augments substantially the spiritual energies of the individual, it even makes him think that he represents the supreme measure of the generating principle of life, but the work, the product of this process does not succeed in conveying all the superior exigencies of the creator and, consequently, it does not completely confirm his exceptional self-appreciation during the creation of his work.

But in my opinion when you have an ambition it means that you are living for fulfilling it, you live your life to the full, you are completely dedicated and focused on what you want to achieve or fulfil. When you have a certain ambition, even if it is a very strange one and you hope every day that one day you will fulfil it, you have passion and you give everything you have to see you dream come true.

To take an example I can mention Ellen MacArthur with her desire to come first in the round-the-world yacht race. Many people may consider her being an eccentric person but when you really wish something you can find the power to ignore all the persons that are against you. But my opinion is that the only fact that makes people to look strange at other persons' ambition is that they are envious on them.

To conclude I think that having an ambition means a reason besides other to live. Life without any ambition is quite boring in my opinion. You have two choices: one is to live your life to the full and the second one is to let your life pass and live your life without any passion. In my opinion living the life to the full is possible only when you have something to hope for. Even if your ambition is a very burning one and the others are looking funny at you, you don't have to give up. You just have to believe strongly in it and do all to fulfil it. Many people are saying that the product of creation is important not the way in which you obtain it. You just have to be focused on and hope that one day your dream will come true.  As it is said the hope should die last.

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A person regrets life when he or she has something to live for and this represents an ambition. People have different types of ambitions.