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Blacks in America

Blacks in America In 1619 the Africans are brought to work as "servants" in Jamestown, and later to work on the tobacco and cotton fields. Slavery is declared legal in the South, but illegal in all states north of Missouri in 1820. In 1861 eleven southern "slave" states leave the Union, afraid that Lincoln will abolish slavery, which is the basis of their economy. So the Civil War breaks out. The North defeats the South. In 1868 Blacks become African citizens. The Supreme Court says that any state can have facilities for blacks and whites. From 1919 on thousands of blacks move to cities in the North. In and for the fifties there was a big segregation in the USA. Blacks and Whites had their own stores, busses, schools and many more . Ten years the blacks fought to get their own civil rights. Because of this the government said in 1957 that segregation is illegal. From then it wasn't allowed on the paper but in reality it went on. Blacks protested against. They went on a white school, in white restaurant and busses especially for a long distance. They sat next to whites, but when they did those things, some young blacks went in prison other blacks were trashes by whites. Also there were a lot of bad things, some whites were solide and lived in freedom with blacks. In 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King marks the climax of the Civil Rights movement. The Congress ends voting discrimination, so that all blacks are able to vote. In 1968 Martin Luther King is assassinated. For the first time, a black becomes mayor of a large city, Yvonne Miller becomes Virginia's first black female senator, Jesse Jackson has a serious chance of being chosen as a candidate for President and Douglas Wilder becomes Governor of Virginia. There are two groups of charts about the development of the situation of blacks from ca. 1970 till 1990. The first consists of three separate charts. Which show clearly a lot of progress in the USA and increased greatly from 1970 to This became obviously through a number of blacks who elected official, got manager and professionals and were college graduates. The Secondly is divided into two charts where you can get information about the income of blacks and whites. If you compare the two groups figures you will see big differences. Although there are a lots of progress in USA there is still a high inequality.

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