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English - the global language of communication

Throughout the modern history, the English-speaking countries have, somehow, dominated the global economy.

First, there was The Commonwealth - the British colonies, which included Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. The British administration was installed in those territories, and along with it, domination over every economical domain like trading and industry.

English was declared the official language of these colonies.

Then, in the last few decades, the USA has become the largest economical power of the world, reaching a very high level of development.

Nowadays, it is the European Union's aim to achieve a greater degree of economic and monetary harmonization between the European countries and especially, the member states.

The European Union has its roots in a desire to make Europe more stable. Since its creation in the early 1950s , the member states have become intertwined because of a convergence in economic and monetary union. As the end of the century approaches, more than 60% of EU member trade is with the other states.

Therefore, the necessity of using a single, global language has become very obvious. Since 1944, the year the International Monetary System

was established, English has been the international language of communication   in all domains.

This is proved by the fact that English is frequently used in official documents of many international organizations, treaties, contracts, negotiations  and summits. Almost all the personalities in the politics communicate their opinions and decisions in English, for example, the European Parliament president Jose Maria Gil - Robles , in his speech on the 27th of April 1998.

International shipping business uses almost exclusively English.

In Romania, an English- Romanian Shipping Dictionary was published in 1971. It explains the special terminology used in shipping and maritime trading, and also International Rules which Romania agreed with.(Solas, Mar. Pol., York Antwerp Rules)

The publishing of dictionaries like this one , all over the world, has made English a global language of communication, and it will probably be the same for a long time in the future.


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