Describe the social problems in England during the time of industrialisation referat

Describe the social problems in England during the time of industrialisation!

Most families were very poor. Even their children had to work and they often died because the jobs were very hard and dangerous.

Men often did not became a job and so they were forced to steal. It was the only way they saw to get bread for them and their families. But if they were seen, they were charged and the judges were very hard.

Because so many people were poor many people were in prison. And because the prisons were overcrowd the judges became stricter and many people were hanged because of unimportant things like stealing bread or something like that.

But when the men were hanged the children had to steal and so on; many families fought with death every day and it was a vicious circle.

If a child became an adult its life did not get better. It was a terrible life.

What were the main reasons for settlement of Australia?

Prisons were overcrowded

The English lost their colonies in America and so they had to search an new place where they could bring their prisoners to

Australia was not 'used' by the English and it was an empty country

Later the former prisoners became the first settlers in Australia

eher weniger praktischer Text über Australien

Australia is a very boring country.

It has an exciting history, but today the most interesting things ever happens are some ill sheep or January 2nd, which is a national holiday.

About 200 years ago the first British settlers came to Australia on January 2nd.

So the white Australians celebrate it as the day, their ancestors arrived in Australia. And the Aborigines are angry, because for them it is the day the invaders began to destroy their country, their culture and their life.

Most of the invaders were prisoners, which were send there because of the overcrowded prisons in Britain and the USA.

Until the War of Independence in the USA the British send their prisoners to colonies in the USA.

When they lost those colonies they remembered their in a way 'unused' colonies on the other side of the earth, which were found by Captain James Cook in 1770.

So five years after the USA won the War of Independence the British send their criminals to Australia.

There were a lot of them because of the social problems in Britain which were poverty, unemployment, hunger and illness.

Most families had to steal their food otherwise they had not survived.

Because the government did not do anything against this situation, the judges had to solve the problem.

They decided to be very strict and so a man who stole a rabbit or just a peace of bread was hanged.

But after some times they recognise that they could not hang the whole population.

So they searched for an alternative to death.

They lost their old 'prison colonies' but then they remembered those colonies on the other side of the earth.

HM, they thought. Perhaps we can put them their It's an empty, boring country and we are sure that the Aborigines want to have a little bit excitement so: let us take their country!!!

So in 1788 first prisoners arrived in Australia. They were taken into prisons and a lot of them had to work on farms, which were founded by young British people, who had no chances in Britain, with the help of the government.

But Australia was not an empty country. The Aborigines lived there and they had been lived there since 4000 years. The British did not see them as equal people and they could not accept their culture. Many Aborigines were killed and today they are still discriminated against.

But this is the same as in the USA. There were no Aborigines of course, but Indians.

Indians and Aborigines were given reservations by the invaders where they had to live.

Both groups suffer from alcoholism, unemployment and, because there are no schools in the reservations and the parents can't pay boarding schools, literacy.

But also they have been given reservations, they can not be satisfied.

The white Australians found out, that the earth, which was given the Aborigines is full of oil.

Scheiße aber auch, they thought but the Aborigines think that for example Ayers Rock in the Uluru National Park is an holy place and so they do not allow the white men to dig there for oil or gold.

What is the different/similar in the historical development of Australia and the USA?

I think one of the difference is that the Aborigines fight and fought against the invaders. The native Americans showed the British how to live in their land.

The Aborigines were forced to give up their home and were used although they didn't want to help. Some Indians work in the towns today and although most of them are unemployed some work in well paid jobs. The Aborigines do not do so.

But both groups are used and forced to live in reservations like a endanger animal.

And there lives were destroyed as the invaders destroyed their way of living. They aren't able to practise their religion.

Both groups are harassed by alcoholism and unemployment. They are poor and on the edge of their existence.

Today the Aborigines and the native Americans are the minority in their countries.

In the 1950s were needed in Britain. So the government offered jobs to the people in the commonwealth countries. Also the jobs were paid worse and very hard and the living conditions were very bad the people wanted to get the jobs because everything offered by the British was still better than in their home countries.

Having British passports the immigrants had the right to live in Britain like every British.

Some time everything was quite good, the workers worked and got the money. But then the immigrants began to bring their families into Britain.

After the Second World War the government did not have much money and they were forced to be thrifty. So they insert a system of giving out the food. Everyone got the same share. So: As more people are in the country, as littler was the share of one men.

Many British people became frightened or worried that the immigrants would take their jobs and their food and started to discriminate against the immigrants. They insisted the immigrants to go back to their home countries. But the British government could hardly force them to travel back with their families. Although the government protected the immigrants like any British man they often couldn't get a flat or jobs.

In 1976 the Parliament passed the Race Relationship which forbid discrimination against people from other countries.