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-UK is very small, but London is the seventh biggest city of the world
-longest rivers are 'Severn' and 'Thames'
-the Greenwich Mean time is used in UK

Some counties
Cambrigeshire - Cambrige
Derbyshire - Matlock
Greater London - London
Hampshire - Winchster
Somerset - Taunton

The largest mixtures of cultures
-people from Wales, Scotland and Ireland have settled in England
-Jews, Russians, Germans, and Poles à to Britain, political changes in Europe
-World War II, people from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
-1950, people from India, Pakistan and Hong Kong

-immigrants speak their own languages, special newspapers and television programmes for the Asian

not only Protestants à the Roman Catholics (6 mio), Methodists and Baptists (1,2 mio)

some Sports
-cricket, it's similar to baseball.
-polo is a sport of the rich, it's like soccer with a horse.
-soccer, one of the best and most exciting games in UK.

some Festivals
-St. Valentine´s Day
-the day before Ash Wednesday, called Pancake Day
-in october is Halloween, which means 'holy evening'.
-the most important festival is Christmas.

The Food
-Breakfast à milk and sugar, fried bacon and eggs, scrambled eggs on toast, boiled eggs and toast, toast and butter with marmalade, drink tea or coffee.
-Lunch à soup, meat or fish and chips; pudding, apple pie; cheese and biscuits, some snacks, a salad and sandwiches.
-Tea à bread with butter and jam, cakes and biscuits; tea with milk, lemon or sugar.
-Dinner à like lunch, with a beer.

some sights of London
-Buckingham Palace
-the Houses of Parliament
-Big Ben
-Westminster Abbey
-Madame Tussaud´s
-The Tower of London
-Tower Bridge
-Lane Market
-Stonehenge (away from London)

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