Globalisation can be defined as the melting from the whole wide world to only one place.

First of all, a little survey of the different kinds of international companies:

  • National Companies are only in there own Country established. They do not sell their things in other countries.
  • International Companies are companies, which make one part of their business in another country they have to learn how to behave in this country.
  • Multinational Companies operate in many different countries and they must act different in each different country. The aim of these companies is the reaching of a global market.

If we are talking about "globalisation", we talk about "multinational Companies.

Many critics say that globalisation is exploiting the people, which live in the poorer country.

But with their investing, their goods und their services most multinational companies are helping the poorer countries to develop their own economy. These facts are reached with the possibility of getting the newest technological knowledge, instruction and jobs in each section of business. The companies do all this for their primary not for social aspect but for reaching economic aims like registration of patens and using the result for the own knowledge. The place where they produce has to be rentable. But these firms also have to think about some other points like these: the quality of the products must not be different between the products for the industrial countries and those for the third world courtiers. Also the security of the products has to be the same, in the Industrial countries and in the poorer ones. Double standards for the healthy and life of the workers and consumers are not allowed to be accepted! In the segment of the payment- and social-policy the multinational companies have to be exemplary. If you want to sell your products in many different countries, you have to have a concept of advertisement that is understood in each country. To get such a concept, you need special firms or agencies which costs thousands and thousands of Euros or Dollars.  For all these reasons less companies are going global.