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,, Everyone had seen the hit television series “Baywach” which has already entered its sixth saeson.There are many similarities between the TV series and the real lifeguarding.Yet,the main differience consists in preventing accidents and not in making several rescues per day.Moreover ,the everyday activity is less glamorous.It involves hard work.Real life baywatchers are not mrely good-looking men or women in a seacape where waves wash against the beach.They have been working hard to improve their shape ,to learn how to deal with critical situations.

Alison Robeinson is 22 and she has been watching the waters at pools and beaches since she was a teenager ,When she was a high school student, she trained at six in the morning and then she swam for about four hours at night .At that she wanted to quit so many times because it was the army.She first started working at a pool when she was 19. About the same time ,she rescued an old lady who was using a whirlpool.When she saw tow feet sticking up ,she didn’t realise what was happening .She ran over and lifted the lady out of the whirpool alive .Alison has always kept her head above water ever since.

Either a part-time or a full-time job, lifguarding is a real job and the suntanned rescures are  America’s authentic heroes.

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