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Ion Luca Caragiale, bornes on 30 January 1850 (one thousand eight hundred and fifty two) in a little village named Haimanale, near Ploiesti.

He started writing at the end of XIX th century, and his literary work integrates in the realist period, he is one of the biggest dramaturges of the world.

His literary work, composed of “moments and sketches”, comedies and one single drama, gives the impression of fragmentary, but the coherence it’s assured by the vision of Caragiale over the world:

“This world looks like a vast improvised fair, in which everything is fleeting, and the only modality to disclose the improvisation is by irony.”

In the center of the literary work we found what I. L. Caragiale names “the characteristic sign of times”: the trifle, the element who converges the emptiness among the reality and appearance, among the real face and the mask.

The deficient education from the family and school, the corruption, the influence traffic and the favoritism manifested in the world of school constitutes the theme of some sketches like “D-l Goe” („ Mr Goe”), “Bacalaureat”(“Matriculation”),

“Un pedagog de scoala noua’’ (’’ The theacher of a new school”) etc

He had a rich publicist activity, he writhed dramatic literature too…like “ O scrisoare pierduta”.

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