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Hello I want to tell you about Aaliyah, a famous singer and actor who died with only 22 years, because of a plane accident. I want you to listen to her life, from the beginning on until the end... Her full name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Her name, Aaliyah, means <the best/the highest>. She was born on 16th of January, 1979 in Brooklyn. When she was 5 years old, her family moved to Detroit and later, when she was a bit older, she got sing lessons and she sang at schoolparties, and also in the church. Then, with 9 years she sang in different TV-productions. Aaliyah was only 15 years old, when 1994 her first album, produced by R.Kelly, appeared. <Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number> was sold about a million times and that made her over night to a little star on the starsky. Speculations about Aaliyah’s age and a marriage with R.Kelly were quickly in the newspapers. Her Baggy-Pants-Style with short tops got quickly the trend number one . In 1996 appeared <One In A Million>, Aaliyahs seconds album. Produced was it this time by Tim Mosley aka Timbaland. The first single <If Your Girl Only Knew> got double-platinum and the album multi-platinum and it was also an international hit. Aaliyah loved the job with Timbaland, because with him, she could record tracks where are hip hop RnB & Soul mixed. After the two successful(*4) albums Aaliyah pulled back a few time of the business. She finished her studies at the High School for fine and performing arts in Detroit and completed it 1997 with an excellents marks She got many Awards for her hits like try again the film rome must die. With 22 years Aaliyah stood on the highlight of her career. She also found her private luck with Damon Dash. Both were since one year a happy couple (pair??) and they wanted to marry, the 25th of August, 2001,was a terrible day for all her fans That was the day Aaliyah died. It happened, when she flew back home, after the video shooting of her single <Rock the boat>! That was the last single she sang, when she was alive.The airplane had a crash on the Bahamas. It happend at 6.50 pm on the airport Marsh Harbour. Not only she died, a few of her team, too. After it, many reports about Aaliyah’s death stood in many different newspapers and also on TV, in the news. It was a big shock for everyone. Her family is still sad and her father said, that Aaliyah had been the nicest girl of the world for him. He gave her the name Babygirl and now, the true fans still call her so. She will keep that name for all her life.

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