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Australia Wildlife

Wildlife The kangaroo is an exciting animal, there are 60 kinds of kangaroos. The largest kangaroo red-giant-kangaroo. It is 1.65 metres long and it´s running reaches a speed nearly 90 km/h and it can jump a distance up to 3 metres. The red-giant-kangaroos can even reach the age of 20 years. Koala bears live in the outback of Australia. They weigh 8-11kg and they die after 15-20 years. Koalas love sleep, usually they sleeps 16-20 hours a day. The koalas eat only eucalyptus and one bear eats ca. 1 kg a day. In the seas and rivers you can find crocodiles, they are five or six metres long. They eat fish, animals and somestimes people. Platypus likes a duck, they can swim well, They can stay under water for a few minutes. Their babies born from eggs and drink milk, no other animal do this.

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