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Now its my turn, and I want to tell you something about Britney Spears. At 2. December last year was her Birthday and she become 22 years.

She is now an andult and can do what ever she wants.Britney Spears was born in Louisiana/ Kentwood, she has got a sister her name is Jamie Lynn and a brother hes called Brian.

Well everybody knows that Britney Spears today is one of the most popular, most famous and of couse one of the sexiest woman of the world.

The career of Britney Spears beguns very early, she started with 8 years in a shool for actress then, 3 years later she get the morderation of the disney channel mickey mouse club together with 3 other kids.

With 16 she realeased her first single, 'baby one more time', the single together with her first video archieved Billaboard Charts very quickly, it was a big boom in the music business. The music business was conquered.

'sometimes' was her second single. Its a mild summersong about a girl whos watching a boy.

Almost every 3 month Britney Spears released a new single from her brandnew album.

'Crazy' was her third song and viedeo, and the big actress Melissa Joan Hart was playing in this video.

2 Month later she released her fourth video 'Born to make you happy'.

Almost all videos showed another side from Britney. How she changed her lifestyle, fasion and desires.

A few month later was the second boom in the musicbusiness.

Britney Spears released her second album 'Oops I did it again'.

She released 4 videos of this brandnew album and one was a skandal. It called 'Dont let me be the last to know'. A hot video with much scene of nacked skin.

A few month later were the MTV music awards. At this show Britney relaesed her first single og her new album.

All the people couldnt wait to see Britney live on stage. then the lights turned low and everybody was quite.

The show has started.

The hole show was a mix of dschungel and many nacked skin and a sentence that means everything 'Im a slave for you'.

Now she has a nee album, the third one, it called 'In the zone'. The first song was with madonna and called 'me against the music'. The song was another big boom in the business for Britney.

A few month later she released her second single from her brandnew album 'Toxic'. And her fans love the song!

So this was my presentation, thank you for listening!

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