California - Composition


Today I want to tell you something about Los Angeles. I have selected this Topic because

I thinks it's the most beautiful city. I have arranged my Topic in following Points:

1.General Information



As first I start with General Information:

Los Angeles lies in the South-West of California. It is also the capital of the District which have the same name. Los Angeles has about 15 Million Inhabitants and is the biggest city in Califonia. In addition it is the second biggest city in the USA. In the west Los Angeles border to the Pazific Ozean and in the East to the Santa Ana Mountains

Now I will go on with the Sights:

Hollywood lies in the North-west of Los Angeles. It is very famous for their film- and television industry. Since 1910 Hollywood belongs to Los Angeles. Popular films are "Alien - Director's Cut", "Curse of the Karibik" and "Sometime in Mexico".

Beverly Hills lies in the south west of california. It is famous for their Luxury houses , their modern and expensiv shops and of the rich people and filmstars living there.

Disneyland In the year 1955 Disneyland in Anaheim was opened, about 30 kilometers southeast from Downtown Los Angeles. Over 60.000 humans for day see the piratefights, the enormous fairy tale lock, the Science fiction visions, the life of Mickey mouse in duck living and the many other fantasy worlds in the Disneyland.

Knott's Berry Farm Only few kilometers north of Disneyland a further entertainment park is in Buena. This park developed even still some years before Disneyland. Topics like American gold fever, Saloons and assaults on banks return the atmosphere of the wild west.  Visitors, who would like to visit only one park, should prefer the larger Disneyland however.


Los Angeles was created 1781. At that time it was Spanish Mexican area, as 'El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles de Poricuncula'. During the Mexican war between 1846 and 48 Los Angeles became American.