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Canada lies in the north of america. It lies between the atlantic-, and the pacific ozean. Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. In the south the USA adjoin, in the north of alaska. In the north lie many small islands. Canada owns umpteen lakes: the Great Bear Lake, the Great Sklave Lake and the Lake Winnipeg.

The capital town is Ottawa with 1 million people. But it is not the largest city. The largest city is Toronto with 4,5 million people.

Canada has 6 timezones: the Pacific Standard Time, the Mountain Standard Time, the Central Standard Time, the Eastern Standard Time, the Atlantik Standard Time and the Newfoundland Standard Time.

In Canada live 32 million people. The largest river is the Mackenzie with a large from 4,240 km. The highest Mountain is the Mount Lagon. The height is 6,000 m. 57111soz81qvv7h

What mean rather Canada?

A french seafarer searched a country for France. He tried to adept the name from this country from the Indian. But the Indian thought he would like to know the Indian’s settlement and the Indians told him that the name is ,, kanata”. This was the name of the village. The second largest country was called ,,village”.

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The vegetation in Canada consists of woods. In the north live karibus, whitefox, musk ox’s, and polar bears. In the south live elks, highland rinds, pumas, wolves, beavers and bears. In the Mountain live sheep and goats. And in the icesea live different seals and walruses.


Round 41% of the population are british, 29% are french and perhaps 15% are other european ancestry. 2% are Inuits.

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