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Chicago is the third largest city in the United States with a population of 2 million 800 thousand. (This was in 2002). It is located in the state of Illinois and directly at the shores of Lake Michigan. Its name comes from the Indian word for wild onions and means as much as 'stinky onion', because of the strange smell of wild onions that used to be there.

Chicago was founded in 1830 at the border of Fort Dearborn.

Now Chicago has one of the highest and most impressive skylines along with New York City and Hong Kong.

In 1885 the first skyscraper was built. The most popular one is the Sears Tower, which is also the highest one in the USA. It was built in 1974, is 442 meters high and has got 110 floors.

Between 1918 and 1933 the organised crime was developed. The best known criminal during this time was Al Capone.

Still today a lot of crimes are happening. In the year 2001 there were 666 murders, 1902 rapes and 18.433 muggings.

The Americans also call Chicago 'the windy city' because there are a lot of storms, which come from the Lake Michigan.

Chicago's O'Hare Airport is the biggest airport in the world.

The Lake Michigan is the third biggest lake in Northamerica. Its about 5.799.300 square foot (57994 qkm) big and it has got a yacht harbour.

Very well know and popular at the Lake Michigan is the 'Navy Pier'. It's a famous meeting point for relaxing and culture. It's about 120 meters long and there are restaurants, a three dimensional cinema, a Ferris wheel and so on.

Near by the Lake Michigan is one of the biggest and oldest public aquarium of the world, the Shedd Aquarium.

Chicago has got about 30 museums.

It's an important business and science position, which proves 7 well known universities.

Hamburg is the twin town of Chicago since 1994.

At the moment they are building a new very huge park, called the 'Millennium Park'.

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