The Disney Homepage on www.Disney.com offers additional 23 regional sites which differ from each other. The various sites are set up according to the region and provide not only information about all kinds of services but also contain an online-shop in which you can buy all sorts of Disney products. The site’s layout is definitely aimed at children and there is a variety of things to do for kids there (f.e playing games, watching comics.). You can also register yourself at their Homepage which enables you to chat with other users online. Of course they mainly try to market their holidays in Disneyland (Paris, Florida, California) a lot, referring to their primer target group, the families with children. You can find detailed information about every Disneyland and you can even book online. Disney also sells licenses to manufacturing companies which produce toys and computer games with all the famous characters. These products are also offered on the homepage in the online-shop. Another great thing about their Sites is that all the comics are translated into a variety of languages and adjusted to the economic situation in the specific countries. The web pages are designed according to the area’s comics as well.

Disney.com really is a great Homepage and might even be a reason why they are so successful.

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