Dead Poets Society referat

Dead Poets Society: 8th chapter


- meeting in the cave

- Charlie -> never been alive

Knox moans -> desperately in love w/ Chris


soccer practise w/ Mr. Keating -> Neil missing

had to take slip of paper and line up

read and kick the ball toward the goal

Keating put on record w/ classical music -> rhythm

Todd in his room, Neil entered, yelling that he got the part (Puck) -> wrote letter of permission from father and Nolan by himself

next day:

Knox read poem for Chris to class

Keating statement: poetry must never be ordinary

Todd -> no poem, feels embarrassed -> has to demonstrate barbaric yawp

Keating points to picture -> Todd closes eyes + makes up some verses encouraged by Keating


Neil brings lampshade to cave -> revealed painted statue -> declares "god of the cave"

Charlie plays saxophone + reciting poems

Knox doesn't want to be calm anymore -> leaves w/ the others -> calls Chris invitation to party at Chet's house Friday night


Dead Poets Society: Charlie, Knox, Meeks, Neil, Cameron, Pitts, Todd

Mr. Keating


Knox -> love to Chris -> invitation to party

Neil -> wants to act, gets part but no permission

Charlie -> self-doubt -> feels like never been alive

Todd -> feels worthless and embarrassed -> no self-confidence

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