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Drugs are substances, which create/cause moods, perceptions and sensations. There are
illegal drugs (hashish, cocaine and LSD) and legal drugs (alcohol and nicotine). They
are distinguished by their potency in hard and soft drugs.
In former times drugs were quite rare and mainly used for medical purposes. In the 60ties,
however, the hippies propagated dope. Consuming drugs was a common habit leading to a
downright epidemic. In the following years drugs turned harder and their consumers younger.
We can assign the various drugs to special milieus. The Technoscene with heavy staccato beats requires LSD and Ecstasy to dance through nights on end. Hip-Hop and Grunge people
prefer hashish and marihuana.
These days young people smoke their first joint at the age of 13 - 15. At first they take drugs because they are curious and want to experience how it feels. Once into consuming them, they want to escape reality, suppress their fears, improve their mood and avoid conflicts.
However, drugs are dangerous. As soon as you need drugs under compulsion we speak of addiction. A sign for addiction is when somebody always needs a higher dose of drugs and is unable to live without them.
Many addicts suffer from infections, hepatitis B+C or are HIV positive. Besides the physical
problems they face financial problems, since drugs are very expensive. The result is theft, prostitution and illegal drug trade. They become criminals and their social decline is programmed.
The way out of addiction is difficult and in spite of professional help there are relapses to be mastered. Addiction is an illness.
What can parents do to save their children from drugs? First of all they should talk about drugs with their children. Parents should help them to gain self-confidence and to be able to cope with problems and stress. Communication within the family is essential and the children should always be able to speak about their fears and worries.
Our state promotes drug prevention and there are special institutions, where you can turn to for help. I think that`s very good, but the best thing to do would be to spread the spirit among young people that consuming drugs is 'uncool'.

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