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Elvis Presley

On January 8th in 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tubelo / Memphis.

His father Vernon Presley worked at a farm and his mother Gladys Smith was a seamstress in a factory. With the age of eight he sang in a choir. With ten he got 2nd in a singing Contest. On his 12th birthday he became a guitar from his mother. One year later, his father lost his job, so they had to move to Memphis / Tennessee where Vernon Presley found a job in a factory. With 18 years Elvis recorded a song for his mother’s birthday in Memphis. While Elvis sang his song a girl which liked his voice recorded him on tape and showed it to her boss. That’s how his career began. He made some movies and many records and earned millions of Dollars.

In 1958, Elvis had to go to the Army. During that time his mother died with the age of 42. In the end of September he became the order to go to Germany.

On May 1st in 1967, Elvis married Priscilla Beaulieu in Las Vegas.

On February 1st 1968 his daughter Lisa Marie was born.

Five years after the birth of Lisa Marie Priscilla left Elvis and they got divorced.

Four years later Elvis died on 16th August 1977 with an age of 42. He was buried on Forest – Hill Graveyard next to his mother. Elvis had many fans and even today, 27 years after his dead he isn’t forgotten.

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