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  1. Euskadi Ta Askatuna (Eta), or Basque Homeland and Freedom, is founded by opponents of the leadership of General Franco to fight for Basque self-determination
  2. Eta`s first attack in San Sebastian
  1. Eta’s first murder: Meliton Manzanas in San Sebastian
  1. Prime Minister Luis Carrero Blanco is killed by a car bomb
  1. Spain becomes democratic and Eta splits in two groups: 'Eta militar' and

'Eta politico-militar'

  1. The Basque country gets autonomic rights, but Eta does not stop fighting

1983 Anti-Terrorist Liberation Groups (Gal) are founded

  1. Opposition leader Jose Maria Aznar survives Eta car bomb



Since 1959 Eta has killed 817 people, 339 of them were civilians.

The Gal killed 28 people from 1983-1987, a third them by mistake.

Eta’s bloodiest year: 118 killed in 1980

Six million people demonstrated against Eta in 1997.

508 members of Eta are arrested in Spain and 115 in France.


Today the government of the Basque Country below Juan Ibarretxe still fights for their total autonomy and Eta plans attacks.

But Eta probably is not responsible bomb attack of Madrid on 11st of March, although the explosive is typical for them. They usually do not act without a warning before and the bombs which exploded at the same time are also untypical for them.

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