Information about Ireland referat

information about Ireland

Ireland: capital of I: dublin, capital of NI: belafst, languages spoken: englsih, gealic (vikings), whos was st. patrik: a roman catholic british who was held as slave in I, he flat from there returned and made the pagan I catholic, he converted/christianised I, he is the patron saint/a missionary who brought the roman- catholic to I, when did the conflict in I actually start and why: since the Englih king henry 8 conquert/tried to convert ireland, he gave the Englsih people land from the Irish, irish people are dissatisfight,which part of I was given to the protestant settlers; the provinc ulster, which role did oliver cromwell play: he was protestant and the chief of parlament, he had king charles 1 (the roman catholic king of england) executed and then he ruled as dictator, he conqueres I, was anti-catholic, took all political power from the irish, who was william of orang which role did he play in I: a prince of the netherlands who besome king of great britain, was protestant, he defeated the irish in the battle of the boyne, this victory is celebrated at orangeday july 12th, protesants walk through the catholic districs in old traditional clothes (provoce catholics), why did the population of I fall by half in the 19th century: too much rain, no potato harvest, the great famin, many thousand irish starved to death other tousands emigrated to the USA (because of their religion), what happened in 1801: I became part of the united kingdom as the fourth part (scotland, wales, england),the easter rising, when, what happened: 1916 republic catholic rebellion for an independent I,in which maters were and are catholics in NI discriminated against: employement, housing, education, politics, what happened on bloody Sunday: 1972 the catholics (civil rights march) protested, the british army shot at them, a few catholics were dead, what is the aim of the catholics in NI: they want a fusion (a united I again) of NI and the Irish Republic, want an own country for themselves, what is the aim of the protestant in NI: they want to rest in the United Kingdome of great britain and NI, want to continue the union with GB, what is the IRA: the irish republican army, terrorist organisation (fighting for a united I), what is the UDA: ulster defence association (opposite of the IRA from the protestant), shin fein: political wing of the IRA, the protestant in NI are also called loyalists, whereas the catholics are called Repulicans,recent history: in 1996 after long negotiations a truce/ cease- fire was achieved, it lasted for more than a year, but it was broken again, in 1998 a referendum for a peace agreement was put to the vote, certain concessions were granted to Catholics (own decisions without london in certain matters, own parliament, release ot prisoners..) the deal was that the IRA had to hand in their weapons, to this day: IRA still refuses to hand in all their weapons to the british, new negotiations between Tony Blair and Gerry Adams, leader of Shin Fein