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The European Union

Hi! I am your host Mike Russo.Welcome to Quiz for the Wiz!

Today we have three contestants.

Nr. 1 : Mircea Strugariu

Nr. 2: Edi Marinescu

Nr. 3:  Bogdan Pavel

And now our subject for today. The subject is. The European Union.

Now let me tell you the rules.After I put the question, you will have respond quiclyand get points for each correct answer. Are you ready?No matter! Let`s start

Quiz for the Wiz!

First Question:

What is the European Union?

(Correct Answer: The European Union is an community of European countries that are united in economic bussines and supporting each other.)

Second Question :

What is the date when the European Union was established?

(Correct Answer: The date when the U.E. was established is the 7-th of February 1992 of the Maastricht Treety signed by members of the European Community.)

Third Question:

How many countries are in the Europen Union?

(Correct Answer: There are countries participating in the U.E)

Fourth Question:

What are the names of these countries?

(Correct Answer: Ireland; United Kingdom; France; Portugal; Spain; Italy; Greece; Austria; Belgium; Luxembourg; Germany; Netherlands; Denmark; Sweden; Finland)

Fifth Question:

Hwo are the two  countries that joined the U.E. in

(Correct Answer: Sweden and Finland.)

Sixth Question :

What is the structure or the arms of the European Union?

(Correct Answer: The arms or the structure are "The European Central Bank", " The European Council", "The European Court of Justice", "The European Commision", "The European Parliament", "The European Court of Auditors", " The Council of European Union", "The European Economic and Social Committee", "The European Committee of social regions".

Seventh Question :

What is the first objective of the European Union?

(Correct Answer: The first objective of the European Union is that all countries promote in an armonios and well tamed economic bussines for the European Union.)

Eighth Question:

In wich year was established the Plan "Beyen"?

(Correct Answer: It was established in December -February

Nineth Question:

What does the Plan of Beyen represents?

(Correct Answer: The Plan of Beyen contructs the idea of an common European economic market.)

Tenth Question:

When did the European Council was created?

(Correct Answer: The European Council was created in the date of 5-may-1949)

11-th Question :

What were the founding countries:

(Correct Answer: The founding countries were: " Belgia, Danmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Great Britan, Oland,. Norway, Sweden.)

12-th Question:

In wich year was established the EOCO(European Organization of Economic Cooperation.)

(Correct Answer: The OECC was established in the date of 16-th of April-1948.)

13-th Question:

What is the function of the OECC?

(Correct Answer: The function of OECC is to promote the European cooperation.)

14-th Question:

Throw what does the plan Marshall remarks?

(Correct Answer: The plan Marshall remarks throw the plan of helping the European states that are in problems(Economic and Social) .

15-th Question :

Hwo lounched the Marshall plan?

(Correct Answer: USA lounched the plan Marshall.)

16-th Question :

What is the year when the European Convention of human rights was adopted?

(Correct Answer: The European Convention of human right was adopted and signed on the -th of November- at Rome by the European Council)

17-th Question :

In wich year was signed the Unic European Document?

(Correct Answer: The UED. Was signed in date of 17 and of February at Luxembourg.)

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