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In the Korea-war the US took over the management of the UN-troops. Nearly 55,000 Americans died

The US, Australia and New Zealand founded the ANZUS-safety pact. In San Francisco the US an further 47 states made a peace treaty with Japan

5. April 1951 In Minneapolis the first open heart surgery was made with the help of a lung machine. Inventor of this machine and the operator was the doctor Clarence Dennis.

Puerto Rico so far treated as a colony became independent and a constitution similar to the US. The inhabitants were US-citizens but they haven’t got the right to vote in the US.

27. April 1952 Because of the collusion of the US-American warships ‘Hobosn’ and the US-American aircraft carrier ‘Wasp’ 176 people died.

20. January 1953 Dwight David Eisenhower became the 34th president, although he was a republican he continued the home- and foreign policy of his democratic predecessor.

17. May 1954 The court of the US declared the racial segregation in public schools as unconstitutional.

8. September 1954 In Manila the US, Great Britain, New Zealand, France, Pakistan and the Philippines founded the SEATO (Southern Asia Treaty Organization).

Washington freed after an successful test the vaccine for poliomyelitis (polio)

26. October 1956 The International Nuclear Energy Organization was founded by US-president Dwight David Eisenhower.

18. January 1957 In a record time of 45 hours and 19 minutes three US-American jet fighter (type B 52) flew around the world without stopover.

31. January 1958 The US sent their first satellite, the ‘Explorer I’ to universe.

29. July 1958 In Washington the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was founded.

January 1959 Alaska (03.01) and Hawaii (18.03.) became federal states of the US.

01. December 1959 On initiative of the US 12 states undersign a treaty which included peaceful use of the Antarctica where every signatory county constructed a research station yet.

From 18. to 28. February the 8. winter Olympic Games took place in Squaw Valley. For these games the American developed a new winter sports region – Squaw Valley.

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