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The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence Well, all began at the 12th October, 1492.. By Columbus, who discovered America, all European people have known of the "new world". After some years there were built the first colonies. Slowly, more and more settlers from all over the world came to America and because of that, there were more and more colonies. Most of these settlers came from England or France. At the beginning everything went right and there weren't any arguments between the colonies. But then in 1755.. There was a big war between England and France at this time. The war was because the two countries' possessions. They both wanted to have a part of America and couldn't be at one. The American settlers fought for England and won, but they also ought to pay the costs, which were the results of the fight. They also should accept the rights and duties of England and observe them. The settlers had to pay England's rudders, too. The rudders were getting cheaper and cheaper and soon there were more rudders than ever. The American settlers still had to pay and accept them. Slowly, the settlers got angrily: They couldn't decide if they want these rights, duties and rudders or not but they though had to accept and pay them. Well, that's why the settlers suddenly didn't want to do this anymore. They offered resistance with the motto: "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION". Some time later, England gave up and the settlers didn't have to pay all the rudders anymore, but the tea-rudder. The American settlers didn't accept that and storm the Bostoner port. All the English ships full of English tea. (Bostoner-Tea-Party) England got angry and sent some armies. Not before 1776 an Englishman asked for the separation of England and America. So, Thomas Jefferson and some others began to write "The Declaration of Independence" (The Unanimous Declaration of Independece of the Thirteen United States of America) . At the 4th July, 1776 this declaration has been accept of the thirteen colonies out of New York; this colony said nothing to the declaration. Now, there was a new state/government: The United States of America. But England don't really want this separation, so England forced the settlers to do something for them. Spain, the Netherlands and France helped the settlers. In 1781 gave England definitively everything up and accept, after long time, the declaration. The Independenceday is in the USA one of the most important national holiday of the year. The day is also called "The fourth of July". This day is every year at the 4th July, 1776 and not a Monday for a longer weekend, like all the other holidays.

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