The Empire State Bulding referat

The Empire State Bulding

The Empire State Building The Empire State Building is 381 meters high. It has got 102 floors. Over 4,3 million people are visiting the ESB every year. Located on the 86th floor, 320 meters above the streets there's a pavillon which consists of glass. On the 102nd floor, there's an Open air terrace. If the weather is good, from this tourist points you can see up to 12km far. From the Empire State Building you can see: The Rockefeller Center and the Central Park in the North, the Chrysler Building and the United Nations Building in the East, the Statue of Liberty in the South and the Intrepid Museum in the West. The ESB was built by John Raskob in the year 1931. Here are some facts of the ESB: It consists of more than 6500 windows, 60.000 tons of steel, 730 tons of aluminium and 10million bricks. The building is 365.000 tons heavy. The upper 30 floors are the whole year white lit. But for some events, there are special colours. For example: At christmas there are the colours red and green and at the Independence day, there are the colours red white and blue. The 73 elevators which are inside the Empire State Building are very fast. They can carry you up to 366meters per minute. For many decades the ESB was the highest building of the world. But then higher buildings like the Petronas Towers and the Sears Tower were built.

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