The pizza referat

The pizza

Once upon a time there lived a king. He gave a messenger a message and the cook gave him a pizza. He should give that things a princes in another castle. To be faster he ride with a horse to the castle. On his way to the pretty princes some bandits jumped with them horses onto the street to kill him or steel the good pizza. But the messenger was too strong for the bandits and so he killed the two men. Then the brave knight must ride across a river. He hold the pizza high into the air that she is not wet when he must gave it the princess. Then on a bridge two other bandits came to fight with the man. But because he is so strong he could kill them too and the men flew into the river. Then after 5 hours riding the messenger came to the castle where the pretty princes lives. The princes waited for him in her room. First the messenger gave her the letter there was standing in:

Enjoy your pizza  

The king

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