If I had the power Id stop people taking drugs referat

If I had the power,

I’d stop people taking drugs

Part one

Why drugs are bad for you

Drugs harm the organism

People can do really dangerous things that could hurt them or other people, when they use drugs.

Because of drugs, people can’t think clearly

Drugs can kill people

Part two

Why  people take drugs

People try drugs because they're curious.

Some think drugs can help them forget their problems.

They  think drugs will make them cool

Teenagers, see older kids using them and want to be more like them

Part three

What I would do to stop people from taking drugs

I would gather all the drugs in the world, and the materials from which  they are made of, and destroy them.

I would make drugs cause people dizziness, so they will stop taking  them.

I would convince people to stop buying them, so the price will get so low and others will stop selling them.

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