If I had the power Id stop racism referat

If I had the power I’d stop racism

Part one

Why is racism bad?

People suffer when they are left out because of their colour or religion.

It’s not right that some people treat bad people of other colour or other religion, because they are humans too, and they have the same rights we do.

It`s a sin to make differences between people, because God loves everybody, no matter the race, colour, or religion.

Racism can damage the relations between people and  can ruin the society

Part two

Why do people make discriminations?

Because some people think that those who haven`t got the same colour or aren`t of the same religion have no rights.

Because they believe that there are inferior races of humans

Because some people are mean, an stubborn, and they don’t want to accept that all

are equal .

Part three

What can I do to stop racism?

I would change white people into black people, so they can understand what it means to be excluded.

I would make all the people live together, so they can understand that everyone has a good hart .

I would put all the people on a deserted island, so they can learn to help each other to survive.

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