Preludes of the american war of independence referat

Preludes of the american war of independence-1. Taxes

Preludes of the american indpendence war
1. Taxes

-french and indian war (1754-1763), Britain and the colonists fought againt France
-Britain won all the land east of the Mississippi River
-Britain was in debt, because costs had been huge
-soon Anglo-American interdependence were disrupted after the war, British feared that the bond between Britain and its colonies could be undermined

The Sugar Act:
-british parliament and prime minister Greenville decided that colonies should pay for their protection against enemies (western or native)
-Greenville drew up some resoutions with new duties for the colonies
-became known as sugar act, because one of the resolutions dealt with a new duty for molasses(sugar)

Tensions in the colonies:
-Sugar Act caused alarm in the american colonies, because of the expected economic disadvantages
-added to this was a post-war depression and another act of prohibiting paper money as legal tender (colonies were not allowed to print their own money)
-altogether the factors caused a lot of oppositional activities (f.e. threat of boycot of british products)
-rumor of new taxes added to the growing tension
-British misjudged the atmosphere in the american colonies

The Stamp Act:
-tax for paper, including newspaper
-in form of a stamp>”Stamp Act”

Resistance in the colonies:
-strong and violent opposition against the implented Stamp Act
-almost all assemblies changed the british tax-right
-boycot of english products was prepared
-after one year of protest and debating, the Stamp Act was withdrawn
-Parliament failed to notice the changes in the complex relationship between “mother and child”
-one year later all the trouble started again after after new duties for the colonies (Townshend Duties) were drawn up
Colonies tried to get representants in the parliament
-representants were not accepted by the british
-colonists kept on demonstrating > leeds into the following events (Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre)

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