Religion in Britain referat

Religion in Britain


1.Roman Catholics


-664 England accepted papal control

-1534 series of anti-Catholic acts abolished papal authority

-1634 Catholics emigrate to America, because of Anti-papal legislation

-1829 Catholic Emancipation Act assured Catholics of all political rights

-1830-41 Oxford movement led to revival of British Catholicism ->Roman Catholicism                    increase in Britain

-1850 Roman hierarchy with archbishop of Westminster at head reintroduced

-1982 Visit of Pope John Paul II to Britain

2.Non-Christain Religious Communities

-since 1950’s Britain developed into a nation with many races and religions

-Immigrants from Asia and Black Africa resulted many Non-Christian Religions

-adult membership to Trinitarian churches fallen by 16%, number of Muslims and Sikhs more than doubled

3.Current Religious Issues

-decreasing influence of Church on society

-concern about sufficient supply of young clergymen in Anglican church

-ordination of women (discussed since 1975, ruled on 1992)

-relationship of Church and State question for Anglicanism (e.g. separation of Church and State)

-British Catholics split over Pope’s view of birth control and celibacy

-urgent problem, because of too big Church influence on Northern Irish politics and school education

-growth of youth sects sine 1970’s (problem for traditional Churches)

-Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament by church members especially from Free Churches

-increasing emphasis on inter-denominational activities, e.g. holidays, conferences, retreats for Christians of all age-ranges

-churches increasingly playing role in British life, comment directly on social problems, e.g. homelessness, poverty, drugs and AIDS

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